Kayla Dowden

Kayla Dowden, Medical Records

Kayla Dowden, Medical Records

Kayla knew at a young age that she would work in the veterinary field. She loves animals and always wanted more pets!

Kayla has worked in the veterinary profession since 1980. Her various veterinary duties have included; doctor’s assistant, surgical assistant, receptionist, medical record keeper/transcriptionist and billing/accounts receivable.

Kayla has been married to her husband since 1980. She has one son.

Kayla enjoys traveling, crocheting, reading, writing, arts and crafts and garage sales.

Kayla has 1 dog, Kiva, a Dachshund/Beagle mix. She also has 2 cats: Dodger, a Siamese mix and Shade, a dark grey and white longhair.

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