Kevin Doorlag, Veterinary Assistant

Kevin became interested in the Veterinary field during the summer of 2008.  He was employed at Allegan County Sherrif”s Department working as a corrections officer but knew he wanted a career change. In 2008 he began observing veterinary work here at Family Pet Health Center and decided that he wanted to become a veterinary technician.  Kevin was hired in August 2010.

Kevin loves animals and finds that working in the veterinary field is very rewarding.  He really loves how everyone works together to help pets recover from illness or injury.

Kevin is very empathetic with the patients and their owners.  His caring and concern for both pet and owner is very evident in his work.  Kevin strives to make each pet as comfortable as possible during their stay in the clinic.

Kevin has been married to his lovely wife, Denise.  He has 2 children: Miranda and Nick.

Kevin owns 1 dog: Sagen, a black and tan German Shepard

Kevin also has 3 cats: Mouse, Nemi and Smokey.

Kevin has a great sense of humor and constantly keeps us laughing.

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