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Sammie, Staff Advisor/Complaint Department

Sammie, Staff Advisor/Complaint Department

My name is Sammi.  Dr Kathy rescued me and brought me to live at Family Pet Health Center.  I had an injury to my tail that could not be fixed so Dr. Kathy removed it.  I am deaf so loud clinic noises don’t bother me.  My tag says “princess” – you may bow or curtsy when in my presence.  My primary job is to oversee everything that goes on in the clinic.


My other jobs include:

  • Greeting clients and their pets.
  • Checking on the animals in the hospital to be sure they are okay.  I also inspect their food to make sure it is edible.
  • Warming up the doctor’s chairs and the chairs in the lobby to be sure everyone is comfortable when sitting in them.
  • Sleeping on the computer equipment to make sure it is working properly.
  • Helping with inventory.
  • Checking out all the window sills – making sure everything outside is okay and, of course, all the better for sunbathing.
  • Being the staff advisor.  The employees love it when I give advice in my Siamese inside voice.
  • Being in charge of the complaint department, although I don’t hear any complaints.

I really like living here – the tile floor is perfect for batting things around and then chasing them.  The clinic has lots of cozy places for me to sleep and neat areas for me to explore.  I love sleeping in the sun and this is where you are most likely to find me when visiting the clinic.

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