Testimonials about our veterinary care services

I called today to see if you had any openings for my dog who would be a new patient for you guys.  He started having blood in his urine last night and I called our vet we had been going to and was frankly told they don’t have any appointments until next week.  when I called Family Pet Health Center I talked to Stacy and she was so friendly and concerned about my dog and she talked with the doctor and fit my dog in this afternoon.  I can’t say thank you enough for the kind service and for going over and above to get us in!!!!

Stephanie Maes

Last weekend Kathy’s quick response and after hours veterinary care saved my dogs life! My dog being the sneaky chow hound that she is got onto the counter and ate 9 smoked sausages.  I thought she was going to end up with a horrible stomach ache but had no idea that this incident could have killed her.  On Friday she ate the sausage, by Monday morning she was vomiting, panting and acting distressed.  I called Kathy and she gave her some meds to stop the nausea after awhile of still acting stressed Kathy said to get her back in.  After running some xrays and blood work we discovered the sausage consumption had thrown her into a bout of pancreatitis, Kathy and the staff spent the next couple of days nursing my girl back to health.  Now she is as good as new and definitely going to be kept away from the sausage.  Beware….people food is not good for your pooch!

The Anthony’s

Family Pet Health Center Staff offers outstanding, caring service to our family.  We have had a couple of occasions where we needed quick help for our dogs and Dr. Kathy was there and giving immediate assistance.  It is so comforting to know that help is available if and when you need it.

The “house calls” have come in quite handy when time or a situation doesn’t allow us to get in to the office.  Dr Kathy comes right to our home and takes care of our dogs just like they were in the office.

From delivery of puppies, to having to tell an old friend goodbye….Family Pet Health Center has been there for our family.

I cannot say enough about the service provided by this office and recommend them to everyone looking for outstanding pet care.

Lori A

To all at Family Pet Health Center
We are truly grateful for the loving care you gave our dog Jake, while he was with you.  That tumor was certainly killing him and we saw a new dog in our midst since it was removed.  He runs and plays again like he did as a pup.
Thank you from my family to yours.

Mary O

Dear Dr. Kathy, Kevin, Monica, Gina and all other Dr. Kathy support people.

I am getting ready to plant the “Forget Me Not” seeds I received from you in late April with teh “Jazz-Cat” card.  The picture on the front of the sympathy card was such a close likeness that I cried.  However, I was so pleased and touched by your thoughtfulness. That gift gesture has to rank in the top 5 of my life experience of 69 years and five cats.  I began the garden (4 ft by 8 ft) the day I buried Jazz-Cat.  My son-in-law, Nathan made him a beautiful coffin.  The 3 grandchildren ages 5,9 and 12 gave me a stuffed animal likenesses, one paper-mache likeness and an 8 x 11 poem with a large picture of Jazz in the patio garden of my apartment right below his new garden I am working on. Thank goodness I see all of them daily.  It helps me so much with my sadness.

The surgery Dr. Kathy did to remove the two cancerous tumors gave Jazz a new lease on life.  He acted more energetic and amazed me at how easily he recovered.  We went on a 2 1/2 month vacation to Oklahoma last fall.  He slowed down a little after Christmas and only felt well and ate well when he could go out in the sun during this last winter.  There weren’t too many sunshine episodes and he finally couldn’t keep up with his daily routine.

I was so thankful his surgery and recovery were so remarkable, especially for an old cat.  It was wonderful knowing you were all there to the end…and so good to Jazz-cat and me.

Jolene S

I will always and forever remember your kindness. You have shown my family the ultimate act of compassion and love.  Thank you for trying to save our kitten “Daisy Mae”

Lisa S

and from Dakota about “Daisy Mae”

…thank you for trying to save Daisy.  I will never forget you and I will never forget Daisy. We bought her a big cross for her with flowers.  I loved her very very much and she was the best thing that ever happened to me.  So thank you for everything.  I wish she would have lived but now she is in cat heaven and reunited with her family.  But sometimes I still hear her purring and meowing.  I wish I could see her one more time.  So, thank you very much.

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