Dr Lisa Applegate, DVM

Dr Lisa Applegate, DVM

Dr Lisa Applegate joined our practice in 2015 as a part time veterinarian.  She has now grown into working full time in our office. 

She graduated in 1994 from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine as a DVM.  She continued to pursue her education post graduate at the University of Prince Edward Island College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Her hobbies include: Kayaking, backpacking, camping, painting and drawing, cross country skiing and gardening and farming.

She has a farm full of pets including: 2 Beon Bergers, Nova and Annabelle, a Maremma named Bailey, a Pug named Ella, a Frenchie named Charlotte, a Shitzu named Cody, a Yorkie named Sky. 5 Cts (Paulie, Goose, Henry, Oreo and Mikey). 3 birds (Simon, Digger and Charlie Brown). 4 goats (Snowdrops, Lavinnym Eva and Marie). 2 Guinea Pigs (Dahlia and Zinnia). 1 Tortoise named Alex, 2 geese Jimmy and Ann. 65 chickends of various breeds and 9 peacocks (Beauty, Martin, Gerty, Peter, Paul, Mary, Gino and Lucciano. 

When asked what interested her in the veterinary field she stated ” As a child we always had pets and my favorite time was visiting the vet. I started working for a vet at 13 years of age and never stopped”.

Dr Lisa is passionate about her work and her motto is “I love what I do and do what I love”. She worked at Lawton Animal Hospital for 16 years before it closed 2 years ago.  

She has 3 children a son (Brook) and 2 daughters (Kara and Mia). 

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