Healthy Mouths for Happy Pets

Regular dental care is a must for your pet! Dental disease is the most common medical problem among adult dogs and cats. Bad breath, discolored teeth, red and swollen gums, and changes in eating habits can be signs of periodontal disease. Dental disease does not just affect the mouth. Bacteria and oral inflammation can lead to heart, kidney, and liver disease.

Many dental problems can be detected during a routine physical exam. We recommend regular dental cleanings or other oral treatments based on your pet’s condition. The use of anesthesia is necessary for any complete veterinary dental procedure as it allows our veterinarians and technicians to complete any needed procedures in the shortest period of time without causing your pet discomfort, stress or injury.

We realize you may feel anxious about the anesthesia needed to complete your pet’s dentistry procedure. At Family Pet Health Center, we routinely perform pre-anesthetic testing, utilize the most current anesthetic agents and equipment, and monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, EKG, and body temperature during the entire dental procedure and recovery period.

We take your pet’s oral health seriously. We use human-grade scaling and polishing instruments, oral surgery instruments, and digital dental radiographs (x-rays) so that your pet receives the most safe, thorough dental cleaning possible.